Plumbing emergencies often come when you are not prepared for them. The less preparation you put into your reactions to these situations, the more damage will occur. However, you can reduce the damage to your home and get the problem fixed promptly by educating yourself on some vital things now before plumbing problems appear.

Know What Plumbing Emergencies Are

First, you must know what constitutes an emergency with your plumbing. Anything that cannot wait until business hours falls into this category. Therefore, if you have a broken pipe or toilet that is backed up and overflowing, you need to have the issue fixed now.

Other issues such as dripping faucets or needing to install a new water heater are not emergencies. These problems can wait until business hours to have a plumber come to your home for these services.

Know Where Your Main Water Cut-Off Valve Is

Finding your main water cut-off valve is essential to reducing the damage to your home when you have a broken pipe. There are several ways to find your water main shutoff valve. Usually, it is located on the exterior of your home where the city’s water supply enters. Here are other tips for locating your water cutoff valve.

In fact, in an emergency, the first thing to do is shut off the main water supply before calling a plumber, if you have damage to a supply line. When your emergency deals with waste lines, you may not need to shut off water to your whole home, but you should also not use any water to add to the stopped waste line problem.

Know the Emergency Number for a Plumber

Lastly, know who you will call in an emergency. You likely will be confused and flustered, especially if plumbing emergencies strike in the middle of the night. Therefore, don’t wait until an emergency happens to find the number of a plumber that offers a 24/7 response. Save the number for Best Service Plumber 951-338-8403 today so you can find us in your phone’s contacts when you need us.

Contact Us at Best Service Plumber 24/7 for Plumbing Emergencies

Before plumbing emergencies happen, put our number on your phone 951-338-8403. We’re available to take calls 24/7 and will work with you to find out if you need a plumber now or can wait until normal hours. For other questions or more information about us, contact us at Best Service Plumber. We’re here for your plumbing repairs and to fix emergencies, whenever you need us.







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