You’ve seen videos online that show do-it-yourself repairs for every room of your home. In fact, the people in those videos always make it look like anyone could do the jobs shown. However, don’t get lulled into the false idea that you can DIY toilet repairs will go as expected. In fact, you could end up spending a lot more than you expected. Find out why hiring a professional plumber is often a cheaper option than DIY for toilet repairs. 

Problems with DIY Toilet Repair Videos 

One of the biggest issues with watching home repair videos online is getting fooled into thinking that you can do the job without any training or specialty tools. With toilet repair, these videos often leave out numerous factors that could drastically impact the results. 

1. Toilets Are Heavy 

Most people don’t appreciate how sturdy and delicate toilets are. Because they have a ceramic construction, toilets are both heavy and bulky, making carrying one difficult. You can estimate the weight of an entire toilet simply by feeling the weight of the tank’s lid. Now imagine carrying ten times that, and you will have some idea of what moving a toilet is like. 

2. Toilets Can Break

The delicacy of toilets is another thing rarely mentioned in DIY videos. Porcelain can break, and if you tighten a bolt too much, you could cause the toilet to crack. Additionally, broken ceramic poses a serious cutting hazard. Ceramic can be so sharp that some surgeons use it for their cutting blades. You don’t want shards of a broken toilet in your bathroom just as you wouldn’t want surgical scalpels lying around. 

3. Plumbing Connections Matter 

As with all plumbing projects, the tightness of connections makes a difference. Leaking lines can waste water and cause water damage in your bathroom. If you don’t know how to recognize an appropriately sealed plumbing connection, you should let an expert take over your toilet repair task. 

4. Videos Don’t Account for Older Homes 

Internet videos often show toilet repairs using new homes and materials. However, most people will need to make repairs on homes with older toilets and plumbing systems. The time you spend scouring the internet for a video that addresses your home’s particular plumbing arrangement and the age of your toilet could be better used calling a plumber.

5. You Need How Many Trips to the Hardware Store? 

DIY videos often start with everything needed for the job, but the people in these videos don’t account for broken connections, lost tools, missing pieces, or sold-out parts. You likely will need to make multiple trips to your nearest hardware or plumbing store to get all the parts you need for making even a basic toilet repair. Why waste all that time? 

What to Do Instead of DIY for a Toilet Repair 

If you need toilet repair in your home, skip the DIY videos and save time by calling us at Best Service Plumber at 951-520-8557. Whether you need a repair or new toilet installation, we can help. Because our plumbers are experts, they can service toilets in any home. Save time and hassle with us when you need a toilet repair or any other plumbing service need. 


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