Water leaks increase your utility bills, reduce your home’s water efficiency, and cause damage to your home’s structure. Instead of just wondering whether you have a leak, take steps now to determine if you do and call a plumber to find and fix your water leaks.

How to Find Out If Your Home Has Water Leaks

The biggest indicator of if your home has water leaks is to look at your meter. Turn off all water sources in the house and see if the meter continues to run. If it does, you have a leak somewhere. Finding out where will be much more difficult.

Another way of identifying leaks in your home is hearing water running or seeing a leak from somewhere. Note that not all water damage happens from plumbing leaks. For instance, you may have water dripping into your ceiling when it rains if you have a roof leak. However, water dripping during clear weather strongly suggests that you have a plumbing problem.

Since water leaking will get worse over time, especially if your home’s structure sustains damage, call a plumber for service at once. Delaying repairs of leaking water can lead to higher costs because you will have to pay for the plumber’s services plus repairs to your water-damaged structures. 

Why Sources of Water Leaks Are So Hard to Find

The sources of water leaks are difficult to identify. You may have a slab leak, but because the pipes run through the foundation, you may not see exactly where the leak is. Water leaking from a pipe in the wall may travel along the pipe or your home’s studs until it creates a puddle far from the original source of the leak.

Because finding sources for leaks is difficult for homeowners, always call a plumber to quickly get the issue fixed. With high-tech imaging capabilities, our plumbers at Best Service Plumber and find and fix leaks efficiently.

Get Help with Water Leaks and Other Plumbing Services from Best Service Plumber

Whether you know that you have water leaks or need another of our many plumbing services, keep us at Best Service Plumber in mind. With highly qualified technicians and specialized equipment, we can find the source of leaks and repair them. Save our number (951-520-8557) into your phone for when you need a repair, want to remodel, or experience a plumbing emergency. We’re here 24/7 to help you with all your plumbing issues. 


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