If you have a toilet leaking around the base or with cracks in it, you need a new one. In fact, you may consider upgrading to a more water efficient low-flow toilet to reduce your water usage. However, you should not remove and replace your toilet by yourself. Doing so could cost you a trip to the ER and more money on fixing the damage done to your bathroom. For toilet installation, you should always trust an expert.

Difficulties of Toilet Installation

Trying to install your own toilet can become dangers. In fact, in 2020, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System received 12,166 reports of people visiting emergency rooms from injuries caused by bathroom fixtures or structures, including toilets. The group estimates a total number of injuries, including those not reported, could have been up to 478,017.

Repairs You Can Make on Your Toilet

You don’t have to turn over every toilet repair to a plumber. If you are highly skilled in home DIY, you might be able to fix a leaky flapper by replacing it with a universal kit from a plumbing or home improvement store. These typically only require a few minutes to install and can stop the sound of running water that lasts long after you’ve flushed the toilet.

Another type of repair you can do on your toilet is plunging out a clog. If you can’t clear the toilet after plunging it, call a plumber. Do not resort to using drain cleaner in a toilet. The chemical reaction can cause the material to crack.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Plumber for Toilet Installation

You should hire a professional plumber if you can’t clear a clogged toilet by plunging or if you have a repair that is more difficult than replacing the flapper. They have the tools, expertise, and skills needed for successful toilet installation and repairs.

Toilets are deceptively heavy, and too many homeowners don’t recognize this until they drop a toilet while trying to move it. A professional plumber can successfully remove and install a new toilet without damaging your bathroom. Plus, you can avoid the injuries caused by dropping the heavy toilet bowl or tank on your foot or having the sharp pieces of porcelain cut you when moving the old or new unit.

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