With stay-at-home orders keeping more people in their houses, residential plumbing systems are getting more use than normal. In fact, you may start to notice problems with your home’s plumbing system now that you have never seen before. Here are some things you may notice and problems that may crop up during this time of more people using the household plumbing system. 

Toilet and Drain Clogs 

Because you are using your plumbing now 24/7 instead of giving the system a break during working hours, your toilets could experience problems with excessive use. 

While toilets have a design that should allow for multiple users, with more use, the chances of a clog happening increase, simply due to probability. 

Another issue comes from the lack of toilet paper in stock in stores. Some may think that replacing regular dry tissue with paper towels, facial tissues, or wet wipes will suffice. However, these substitutions are not designed for use in the toilet. You can experience a clog in your toilet or home drain system by flushing anything that is not toilet paper or waste. 

While most clogs clear out well from vigorous plunging, more serious issues will need help from our plumbers

Dripping Faucets and Other Minor Irritations 

It’s easier to ignore minor problems such as dripping faucets when you spend a third of your day away from the home. But now, with people working from home, they encounter minor issues multiple times a day. Instead of walking by a dripping faucet once, now, people are seeing and hearing it several times throughout the day. 

If you have a dripping faucet, water that doesn’t heat up enough, or a running toilet, call us at Best Service Plumber at 951-520-8557. We can respond to emergencies at any time of the day or schedule an appointment to evaluate and repair less-severe issues. Keep our number handy for the next time that you have a plumbing problem in your home. You can also message us through our online contact form



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