While the plumbing installed in most homes must meet code standards of the time, it may not be up to the current requirements. For instance, in Los Angeles, the median age of homes is 57 years. Therefore, plumbing systems could be outdated or have older components not discussed in internet repair videos or DIY guides. To get the right plumbing solutions for your problem, you need to contact a professional plumber who can customize the repairs to your home. Here are some possible reasons that the most common answers might not work for your plumbing issues:

Older Materials Used for Piping

While the most common material used for plumbing supply lines today is PEX, which is also used for repiping, older homes might have rigid copper pipes, cast iron, or galvanized steel. Builders no longer use these materials in home construction today. In fact, the most recently used material, rigid copper pipes, has not appeared in many homes built after 2000. Consequently, most standard information you will find will not address repairing or replacing these types of pipes.

Former DIY Jobs

Not everyone who lived in your home may have gotten professional plumbing services in the past. DIY jobs to patch problems introduce different materials and fittings into the plumbing. A plumber will take these changes into account when evaluating the plumbing and finding solutions to the problem.

You Might Have Specific Needs

Standard repair instructions don’t account for your specific needs. However, when you have customized plumbing solutions, you can get your plumbing repaired or upgraded according to what you want. For instance, if you want to go green and reduce your water use throughout your home, standard solutions may not account for your current water use or your budget. However, with custom solutions, you can select from various options to meet your environmental and budgetary expectations.

Let Best Service Plumber Provide the Custom Plumbing Solutions You Need

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