In California, the state has numerous laws governing water heater installation. Both new construction and replacement processes have long lists of specific requirements for the safe, legal installation of a new water heater. If you don’t have a plumbing license and don’t want to spend your time chasing down permits, reading building codes, or working on an installation, hire a professional plumber.

Water Heater Installation Requires a Permit

Not many people realize that building projects, even those inside your home, require permits to continue. Water heater installation is one example of a permitted job. Professionals can quickly do this work because they need to obtain such permits regularly. Use their resources to make this part of the process easier by letting them handle the permitting.

You Should Never Work with Gas Lines

If your home uses gas for water heating, to replace or install a water heater, you would need to connect the unit to the gas lines. Only plumbing professionals have the qualifications to connect gas appliances safely. Don’t put your home and safety at risk by trying to do this yourself.

They Can Access Great Water Heater Brands

Professional plumbers can get you some of the top brands of water heaters for your home. For instance, when you work with Best Service Plumber for your water heater services, you have options such as tankless water heaters from Rinnai or Rheem or gas tank models from Westinghouse, Rheem, and Sure Comfort. Why wouldn’t you choose quality water heaters and expert installation? You get both from our professionals.

When You Need Quality Water Heater Installation, Choose Best Service Plumber in Southern California

Our plumbers at Best Service Plumber provide each of our customers with great customer service, professional installation, and quality brands. Contact us to replace your existing water heater or have a new one installed. We also provide services such as water heater flushes and repairs.








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