Think of how many times you use hot water in a day. You likely thought of showers and clothes washing, but did you remember to include dishwashing, baths, and cleaning? Your water heater does much more for you than you think, but if the appliance breaks down, you’ll soon recognize how much you need it. Don’t let your water heater fail prematurely. Extend its life through these helpful tips:

Keep Up with Manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance

Make sure to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for regular maintenance. For example, tankless water heaters need annual flushing to keep them working at their best. These flushes also ensure that your warranty stays valid.

Even tank models need attention. Regular service and checks verify that the unit does not have any leaks or signs of wear, especially around valves, and that the pressure valve works to maintain the safety of the appliance.

Watch Out for Signs of Problems and Get Them Fixed Promptly

If you notice that your water heater has moisture on the floor around it, the water does not feel as hot as it once did, or if you don’t get any hot water, contact a plumber at once. These problems will not fix themselves, and the longer you let your water heater run with issues, the less efficient it will be and the higher your water heating costs will be.

Replace Your Existing Water Heater with an Energy-Efficient, Long-Lasting Tankless Model

Water heaters do have a lifespan. Tank models usually don’t last more than a decade. However, if you have hard water or fail to maintain the model, that time can shrink. Tankless water heaters, such as those from Rinnai or Rheem, last twice as long as traditional tank models.

When it comes time to replace your heating unit, consider upgrading to a longer-lasting tankless model. These are also more energy efficient because they only heat water when you need it.

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