Do I Need to Flush My Water Heater?

Just like most things around your Southern California home need maintenance from time to time – so does your water heater. And whether you have a Rheem or Westinghouse, flushing is an important maintenance ritual that many homeowners in Orange County may not be aware of. Here are the facts you need to know about maintaining this device in your home.

Why Do Water Heaters Need to be Flushed?

With regular daily use, sediment, calcium, and minerals settle at the bottom of your hot water heater’s tank. Since the heating element is located in the bottom area of the tank, these materials can build up and block the element, making it have to work overtime to provide hot water.

Having this device in your home flushed by a Southern California plumbing professional like Best Service Plumber can help prevent sediment build-up and extend the life.

How Often Should Water Heaters be Flushed in My Orange County Home?

The professional and experienced team at Best Service Plumber recommends that your heater be flushed every year. This will help to prevent sediment-related issues in the future and keep it performing at its peak level.

What Happens if I don’t Flush My Water Heater?

Failure to remove the sediment from your water heater not only makes it less efficient but can also cause sediment to appear from your faucets. In addition, burst pipes, low water pressure, and failure can occur.

Do All Types of Water Heaters Need to Be Flushed?

Yes. No matter what type of heater you have, it does require flushing every year. From Rinnai Tankless heaters to Sure Comfort gas heaters – all will definitely benefit from yearly preventative maintenance and tank flushing. Orange County homeowners with a tankless heater should take note that although the tankless options do not hold as much water as a traditional heater with a tank does, there are still sediment and debris that cause the need for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Let the Best Plumbers in Orange County Flush and Maintain Your Water Heater

The professional team at Best Service Plumber in Orange County is here to help with all of your water heater service and replacement needs. From installing a new tankless water heater to servicing an existing unit – we have the experience and knowledge to do it all. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a water heater flush and checkup to ensure the efficient operation of your unit.

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